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30 Days of DRM – Day 14: Private Copying (Circumvention Rights)

Several postings have noted that Bill C-60, the last failed attempt at copyright reform, sought to link anti-circumvention with copyright infringement by only making it an infringement to circumvent for the purposes of copyright infringement (thereby preserving user rights such as fair dealing).  There was a notable exception, however – private copying.  By excluding private copying, the bill made it an offence to circumvent a TPM (such as a copy-control on a CD) even if the purpose of the circumvention was to make a private copy.  The rationale behind the exclusion was that the private copying system is designed to be compensatory, with the rate reflecting the amount of copying that is actually occurring in the marketplace.  Supporters of the private copying exclusion argue that if copy-controls become pervasive, the amount of private copying will decline and so will the private copying levy.

This is pure fiction.

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September 1, 2006 1 comment News

The Private Copying Survey

The Canadian Private Copying Collective is out with an Environics survey it commissioned on Canadians' attitudes toward the private copying levy.  While I give full marks to the CPCC for releasing the survey results in full (presumably it would have been made available as part of their submission to the Copyright Board anyway), it is time to declare a moratorium on the use of polls as policymaking.  As I have noted before, CRIA's regular Pollara polls are rendered useless by virtue of the omission of key questions, inconsistent results, and the lack of public awareness on the issues.

This CPCC study falls into the same category.

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August 31, 2006 5 comments News

BPI Calls for Private Copying Right

Interesting news this morning from the UK, where the BPI (the CRIA equivalent) has called for a right to private copy music from CDs to other devices.  It is technically illegal for anyone to copy a CD onto their computer for the purposes of downloading music onto their own portable […]

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May 10, 2006 3 comments News

CRIA Calls for End to Private Copying Levy

Confirming what has been an open secret for some time, Canadian Recording Industry Association President Graham Henderson has told Billboard Magazine that CRIA would welcome the removal of the private copying levy (article not yet online but thanks to a reader for passing it along).  Henderson says that "we don't […]

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April 7, 2006 8 comments News

Federal Ct Issues Nearly Million Dollar Fine For Failing to Pay Levy

A federal court judge has fined Vortek Systems, a Montreal-based electronics retailer, nearly one million dollars for failing to pay the private copying levy.  The company was ordered to turn over the unpaid levy amounts ($1.65 million plus interest) along with a penalty of just over $900,000.  Vortek denied that […]

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March 17, 2006 1 comment News