BPI Calls for Private Copying Right

Interesting news this morning from the UK, where the BPI (the CRIA equivalent) has called for a right to private copy music from CDs to other devices.  It is technically illegal for anyone to copy a CD onto their computer for the purposes of downloading music onto their own portable music player.  While that form of fair use makes sense (and should be adopted in Canada), it should be noted that the BPI likely still envisions a world where they can use DRM, rather than the law, to limit such copying.


  1. clvrmnky says:

    Current fair use
    While that form of fair use makes sense (and should be adopted in Canada)…

    Can you explain, please? My understanding is that it is currently perfectly legal for me, as a Canadian, to copy a CD to my computer for a variety of personal uses.

  2. xelentone says:

    UK copyright terms
    He was discussing the terms of copyright in the UK

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well today they announced that they wont prosecute anyone who rips a legitimatly purchased CD for your Ipod

    How magnamonous of them. Im at a despair with these companies that mess around with our fair use and then patronise us with that fair use that we have always come to expect