Reactions to Bill C-60

With the dust starting to settle from the introduction of Bill C-60, many of the industry groups have released their official positions.

The music and software industries are generally happy (CRIA, CAAST), the ISPs are thrilled (CCTA), education is very disappointed (CMEC, CTF), public interest groups troubled by the lack of balance (CIPPIC) and the security research community is concerned about the bill's implications (Digital Security Coalition).

A notable exception is the Entertainment Software Association which says that it is disappointed with a bill that "falls far short of providing adequate protection." Their concerns, which focus on the anti-circumvention and ISP provisions, are echoed in gentler language from CRIA and CAAST. CAAST in particular uses the wonderful phrase of "supplementing the notice and notice system with a notice and takedown system." If only their members' software products were as creative.

As for individual Canadians, there are lots of blogs and discussion groups with disgruntled and disappointed individuals. My favourite headline comes from one blog that says "Bill C-60: Drop Your MP3s and Back Away With Your Hands Over Your Head."

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