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CRTC Sets Net Neutrality Framework But Leaves Guarantees More Complaints

The CRTC's net neutrality (aka traffic management) decision is out and though it does not go as far as some advocates might hope, it unquestionably advances the ball forward on several important fronts.  When considering the decision, it is important to remember that 12 months ago, there was virtually no ISP disclosure of traffic management practices and even an unwillingness to acknowledge that there was an issue.  Today's CRTC decision signifies that traffic management is not a free-for-all and the days of ISPs arguing that they can do whatever they please on their networks is over.  That said, it also guarantees that traffic management practices such as throttling will continue and it is going to take more complaints to concretely address the issue.

The key elements of the decision on retail services:

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October 21, 2009 35 comments News

CBC’s 22 Minutes on Canadian Copyright Reform

Last night's 22 Minutes on CBC had a must-see segment parodying some of the arguments for Canadian copyright reform.

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