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Rogers Sues Bell Over Ad Claims

Facing an advertising lawsuit of its own, Rogers has filed suit against Bell over its wireless advertising claims.  Rogers notes that Bell has virtually no customers on its new network and cannot substantiate reliability claims.


  1. I use Rogers says:

    That may be the case but it wouldn’t be hard to be more reliable than Rogers.

    If Rogers is the “most reliable” in Canada then we have pretty terrible infrastructure. I have missed call notifications all the time yet the phone doesn’t ring, I get booted from the 3G all the time when doing data. I get almost 0 service in Saskatchewan below the #1. If I’m at a cafe pull of iphone users I can’t do much data.

  2. Devil's Advocate says:

    The pot calling the other pot black…
    Personally, I’m sick of both of these companies. I’m sick about the way they’re allowed to completely lie about everything in their advertisements.

    And, I’m sick about the way they’re allowed to keep piling on new customers, based on these false claims, and using the increasing volume of customers as an excuse as to why they can’t deliver anything they say, and why they need to interfere with the services they’re still charging full price for!