Bloc Opposed to PIPEDA Reform Bill

Bloc MP Carole Freeman used second reading of Bill C-29, the PIPEDA reform bill, to announce her party’s opposition to the bill.  The Bloc argues that federal privacy law interferes with provincial jurisdiction.

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  1. So let’s see… “companies under federal jurisdiction that operate in Quebec are already covered by Quebec laws”. So she is complaining about the federal government interfering with provincial jurisdiction…

    “Basically, the Government of Quebec and the provinces have been arguing since 2000 that, despite the federal government’s attempt to justify its bill based on its power to regulate trade and commerce, personal information protection is within the jurisdiction of Quebec and the provinces because of constitutional powers in the areas of property and civil rights.” Ah, didn’t the government of Quebec reject the repatriated constitution and has refused to sign it (even though they invoked the “Not Withstanding” clause contained in it)?

    Unfortunately this is a typical of the Bloc.

  2. re: …
    I’d rather say that it’s quite fortunate the Bloc is behaving consistently… consistently irrationally, that is. If they started to say things which actually made sense, more people might be inclined to vote for them.