U.S. Domain Name Censorship Bill Delayed

The EFF reports that the proposed legislation targeting domain names and allegations of infringement has been delayed.  I wrote about the bill earlier this week.


  1. Hephaestus says:

    Unintended Consequences
    Funny thing I have a friend over at w3 and he tells me that people have been e-mailing him from all over the world asking what can be done if the US implements this. The thought is to take DNS out of the hands of the US and give it to an international body. OOPS!!!!

  2. International body
    Which international bodies have the infrastructure and ability to take on such a critical role. Now, which of those aren’t wholey controlled by the US? “Objectivity” is the key!! It should be a new organization, headquartered somewhere other than the US. EVERY country, including those which the US doesn’t “like”, has to be involved!!!! ACTA is a farce in this regard, where they excluded countries they didn’t think would agree with their agenda. This new organization would have to be able to operate in a way to keep the Internet pure. In reality, this is all a dream and the US will NEVER willingly give up control. What we’ll end up with is an enormous step backward and localized Internet per country or groups of participating countries…with only certain exceptions. It’ll be like my mail filter setup…only allow certain things through and block EVERYTHING that I don’t have a specific filter set up for.

    Mind you, the bill still has to pass, but I wouldn’t be surprized it doesn’t violate certain UN and/or international free trade treaties…perhaps this is more why it got delayed. On top of this, it’s just the wrong level to achieve what the US (Or **AA’s more specifically) is trying to achieve. The US has never been known to actually listen to it’s experts…if they did, the DMCA would never have happened.