Liberals, NDP Support Net Neutrality Audits

The SaveOurNet Coalition has released a new report on the three main political parties positions on net neutrality.  It finds that both the Liberals and NDP support mandatory net neutrality audits by the CRTC to ensure that ISPs are compliant with the Commission’s traffic management guidelines.


  1. Should be interesting to see if the Liberals follow through with trying to get something like that if they ever get into power.

  2. I find the report
    to be biased. Luckily they admit that the headline is based on an assumption

    “The Coalition, which represents businesses, public interest organizations, and thousands of Canadian citizens, is forced to assume that Tony Clement and the Conservative government do not support Net Neutrality.”

    Chris A, you put it well. There is also an implied assumption that the LPC would in fact follow through if elected (I still remember Jean Chretien promising to scrap the GST in the ’93 General Election)… What a political party says when in opposition, and what they do when in power are generally two very different things. I don’t include the NDP because, frankly, they’ve got something approaching a snowman’s chance of forming a national government and thus can say whatever they want as they have little risk of actually having to put it into action.