European Commission Refers ACTA to the European Court of Justice

The European Commission, which has been a staunch supporter of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, today announced that it is referring ACTA to the European Court of Justice to determine whether ACTA is incompatible – in any way – with the EU’s fundamental rights and freedoms. While the move may mean European delay of ACTA ratification, it comes as a growing number of countries and European Parliament members signal their willingness to vote against the agreement.


  1. Alexander Keller says:

    The thing about copyright law is that it seems pointless to try to pass it. I mean when you personally know hundreds of people from school janitors to your dentist all pirate or partake in piracy at some level, it just becomes apparent that people, no matter how you play your cards, will always oppose copyright laws. Because were all criminals at heart? No! Because piracy is what the major copyright holders have failed to be: low cost, convenient, and committed to customer satisfaction.

    If you manage to convince major copyright holders to meet all three of those goals, then I promise they would see piracy levels plummet. Will it go away? Of course not, some people will always steal. If they are stealing though, were they really every your costomer in the first place?

  2. Andy Fleming says:

    Student UK
    I completely agree with Alexander. It basically comes down to greed by an industry that have at their disposal possibly the biggest market they have ever had in their history (that is still growing). When CDs and DVDs are roughly the same price as they were when the internet was just a ‘dial-up’ distraction and when most digital downloads are only fractionally discounted compared to them, is it any wonder that there are people attracted to piracy?