“Objective Sanity Check”?: Canada Slips Further in Global Broadband Rankings

Akamai has released its latest State of the Internet Report and it finds that Canada continues to slide in global broadband rankings. Last year, the Akamai report was often favoured by those who took issue with criticisms of Canadian broadband, claiming it offered “an objective sanity check” on comparative broadband speeds. If so, even Akamai now finds Canadian broadband declining when compared to other countries.

Just six months ago, Canada was tied for 9th in average broadband speed. According to the latest report, Canada now sits tied with Hungary for 14th behind countries that include the United Arab Emirates, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Ireland. On the peak connection speed, Canada ranks 19th in the world. The data isn’t very impressive on the mobile broadband metrics either. The mobile broadband speed measured carriers around the world including one Canadian carrier. The Canadian carrier ranked 68th worldwide for average broadband speed, below carriers in every region of the world.


  1. Is there a no-registration-required url?
    I don’t really feel like going through the hassle of registering with them to read a report….

  2. These stats shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Realistically, if it’s not sanctioned by the Americans, our current government really isn’t interested in it.

  3. When looking at testing based on real world speed tests by multiple millions of internet subscribers around the world, Canada currently ranks 34th.

  4. I bet our broadband CEO pay is the highest tho

  5. Alarming…

    Rogers comissioned a study that says the exact opposite, we’re doing just fine! we’re top o the world!

    Come on… someone discredit these people, fast.

  6. Blame the CRTC
    Didn’t the CRTC just okay Bell/Aliant raising their rates for bandwidth to Canadian ISPs so they have been forced to throttle to keep rates reasonable?

  7. Peak bandwidth trap
    Having a very high burstable bandwidt speed is of limited use when your data cap is less than 300GB/month. You are only allowd to acutally use your connection about 4% of the time.

  8. Percy Ridge says:
    BS. They’re looking for handouts. The Government subventioned them last round and now they’re asking for more subventions. “Give it us for free or we go home”. Muhahaha.