Rick’s Rant on Online Privacy


  1. Ramblin' Rose says:

    My Apologies To Rick Mercer
    I was watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert the last few nights and wondering what their coverage and commentary would have been of Vic Toews and the Conservatives over the past week or so had they been Canadian Shows, and wishing we had the same here.

    Are we missing out on Rick and 22 Minutes being “daily shows” or at least more frequent and do we need to bring back the Air Farce…we desparately need something more than the Media Coverage we are getting from Parliament Hill?

    Regardess, thumbs up to Rick!

  2. An IP address plus email address, provider and name is not a telephone book.
    February 22, 2012
    Chris Lewis, Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police was today on TVO (Ontario Educational TV station) and said that the police is too busy to look at everybody’s Internet activities and therefore the average Canadian doesn’t have to worry about this bill 30. He is obviously only thinking of the traditional manual surveillance, but the government in this bill will have the right to specify the hardware that will be installed at the internet provider, thereby allowing the ability of automated, computerized systems that can screen, sort and catalogue information, thereby exposing everything people do, think, their opinions, political, sexual and religious orientations, etc.
    He also compared the personal information bill 30 is allowing to a telephone book, but a telephone book gives the name, address and telephone number of a person. It will not tell who I am calling and will not expose the contents of my telephone calls to others.
    Other concerns are that the government through this installed hardware will be able to snoop directly on your hard drive. Where will it stop? If Canadians allow this bill without drastic modifications we will be soon in much deeper water. May I remind you that the Canadian government was recently hacked by China. You can see where this is leading to. All our personal information will be everywhere and the government will not take the responsibility. Identity theft, criminal activity, loss of savings and property will be our next problem.

  3. Data Breaches
    @W Wissing: the implication of data breaches add another troubling dimension to this development.

    By disemnifying ISP’s from legal recourse for disclosing the private data they collect about their customers, this proposed law may also do the same for data stolen from their systems, either through the new “back doors” they’ll be required to create for “authorized persons” or another attack vector (of which there are too many to count).

    Long story short, this proposed legislation spells big trouble for personal privacy rights in Canada.

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