Poland Suspends ACTA Ratification

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has announced the country is suspending its ratification of the Anti-Counterfeitint Trade Agreement. The announcement comes following huge protests in cities across the country.


  1. I sure miss the brandy and cigars …
    It is my understanding that if one EU country backs out then then whole EU agreement is null & void. If that is the case then ACTA will be a poor deal to be part of without the EU’s involvement.

    Let this be a wake up call to governments and their international negotiations. Behind closed doors is a non-starter from here on out. I’m talking to you TPP.

  2. Do not treat it seriously
    Hi Michael,

    The press release from Polish government may look goog but it means nothing. ACTA was signed by Polish government and today PM Tusk refused to withdraw the signature. Suspension of ratification process is designed to calm down young people manifesting on streets but is not intended to stop the process of ACTA implementation. The action simply moves to the European Parliament now. If ACTA is adopted there, it will eventually become binding on all EU member states and Polish PM will say that he has no choice but to amend national law accordingly. Smart move politically but nothing more?