The Destruction of the Department of Fisheries Libraries

The Bibliocracy blog posts the results of a response to an order paper question on the Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s library system with very discouraging news: massive destruction of materials and no information on what was digitized.


  1. Simon Dubois says:

    Book Burning – Collective memory loss
    Without further details about the digitazatoin process, it is hard to judge. However, were the news true, this forced amnesia does not bode well for knowledge (in a knowledge based economy), science (protection of species), economy (rational decisions making process about fisheries), history in the making and democracy. The very widespread example of the book burning in the early days of nazi Germany leave a very bitter taste in the mouth. Let’s hope the physical destruction of information does not equal actual information loss. Amnesia is not a good thing in this aging society…

  2. With Every Action, The Conservatives….
    … make Canada an irrelevent footnote in the annals of history.

  3. Why do we know about Greek and Roman culture and not others? A big factor is the written works which were preserved. Canada deserves libraries, archives, museums, and other institutions which preserve Canadian culture 🙁

  4. And someone considers it vital to prevent such institutions from operating at top capacity.

  5. Squidjigger says:

    The government is trying to cover up its responsibility for the cod fishery destruction.