Zamboni by Ramsey County Minnesota (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Zamboni by Ramsey County Minnesota (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Privacy and Zambonis in the Age of COVID-19: My Ian Kerr Memorial Lecture

Last week, I had the enormous honour to deliver the first IAPP Ian Kerr Memorial Lecture. The IAPP and the broader privacy community has been incredibly supportive in the months since Ian’s passing, recognizing his exceptional contributions to the field and stepping up to help support the Ian R. Kerr Memorial Fund at the University of Ottawa. The Ian Kerr Memorial Lecture, which will be an annual lecture held by the IAPP, provided an opportunity to rediscover Ian’s scholarship and think about how he would been an essential voice during the current global pandemic. The lecture – along with introductions from IAPP President Trevor Hughes and UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham – can be found here and is embedded below.

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  2. Unfortunately, LinkedIn videos don’t work in none of my browsers – probably something to do with the covert spying that is typical of LinkedIn. youtube links on the other hand always work, if embedding causes issues it’s easy to view them directly on youtube and that works on any browser, with practically any security setup.

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