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2020 “Smartphone with open Covid contact tracking app” by Marco Verch Professional Photographer. (CC BY 2.0). 

CIFAR: Governance, Tech and the Pandemic – Carly Kind, Michael Geist & Rebecca Finlay – CIFAR Virtual Talk

At CIFAR’s Virtual Talk, I talked with Carly Kind and Rebecca Finlay to talk about contact tracing apps and broader questions about governance and AI.  

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August 4, 2020 Comments are Disabled Video
Privacy Shield Framework logo under magnifying glass by Marco Verch

The LawBytes Podcast, Episode 62: Colin Bennett on What the Schrems II Decision Means for Global Data Transfers and Canadian Privacy Law

The Schrems II decision, a recent European Court of Justice ruling that declares the Privacy Shield program that facilitates data transfers between the EU and the United States invalid, has major implications for modern commercial data related activities such as cross-border data transfers. The decision will reverberate in countries around the world, including Canada. For example, Canadian privacy law was found many years ago to meet the EU’s adequacy standard, but the Schrems II may call that into question.

Colin Bennett is a political science professor at the University of Victoria and one of Canada’s leading privacy experts. He has written multiple books on privacy and surveillance and focuses on the development and implementation of privacy protection policies at the domestic and international levels. He joins the podcast to discuss the Schrems II decision and what it means for global data transfers and the future of Canada’s privacy law framework.

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