TikTok app icon on smartphone screen by Ivan Radic CC BY 2.0 https://flic.kr/p/2m1K8PH

TikTok app icon on smartphone screen by Ivan Radic CC BY 2.0 https://flic.kr/p/2m1K8PH


The Law Bytes Podcast, Episode 197: Divest, Ban or Regulate? – Anupam Chander on the Global Fight Over TikTok

New legislation making its way through the U.S. Congress has placed a TikTok ban back on the public agenda. The bill – which would lead to either a divestiture or ban – has passed the House of Representatives and is now headed to the Senate. On the Canadian front,  TikTok is already prohibited on government devices at the federal level alongside some provinces, the government has quietly conducted a national security review, and there are new calls to ban it altogether from the Canadian market. Anupam Chander is a law professor at Georgetown University and leading expert on the global regulation of new technologies. He joined the Law Bytes podcast several years ago when a TikTok ban was raised by the Trump Administration and he returns this week to discuss the latest developments and their broader implications.

The podcast can be downloaded here, accessed on YouTube, and is embedded below. Subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify or the RSS feed. Updates on the podcast on Twitter at @Lawbytespod.


Today, What Will Happen to TikTok if the U.S. Bans the App, March 17, 2024


  1. This is flagrant censorship, obviously. When are we going to learn?
    Thanks for doing what you do.

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  2. Interesting from a legal standpoint, which is indeed the very nature of your podcast. But your American legal expert seems quite naive about international relations. He needs to sit down and have a seminar with Niall Ferguson about China, North Korea, Russia and Iran and the threat they pose to the western world. The communist part of China does allow any business to operate without its general oversight. Ask Jack Ma about this….

  3. Edit: ‘the communist party of China’
    does not allow any business to operate

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  5. The bill has cleared the House of Representatives and is currently on its way to the Senate. It would either result in a divestiture or a prohibition. In terms of Canada,

  6. There are pros and cons to every aspect. But personaly i have more of an anti-censorship standpoint. But does this in that case mean just let tik tok move tha way it goes or intervene because of foreign intervention? am not sure. but i am sure, that we are the best drywallers in akron 😉

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