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Stop Hiding Behind the Phone Book, Mr. Toews

University of Toronto law professor Lisa Austin has a Globe op-ed on lawful access that highlights the difference between phone book data and Internet data likely captured by the forthcoming legislation.

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December 7, 2011 2 comments News

“We Don’t Care What You Do, As Long as the U.S. Is Satisfied”

David Akin has pointed to a new paper from Blayne Haggart, a doctoral student at Carleton who is focusing on copyright policy in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.  The paper, being presented this week in Montreal, includes some interesting analysis of digital copyright reforms in each country.  Given today's introduction of the copyright reform bill, of particular significance are comments Haggart obtained from Michele Austin, who served as Maxime Bernier's chief of staff when he was Industry Minister. 

According to Austin, the decision to introduce U.S.-style DMCA rules in Canada in 2007 was strictly a political decision, the result of pressure from the Prime Minister's Office desire to meet U.S. demands.  She states "the Prime Minister's Office's position was, move quickly, satisfy the United States." When Bernier and then-Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda protested, the PMO replied "we don't care what you do, as long as the U.S. is satisfied."

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June 2, 2010 46 comments News