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Oda and Angus Spar over Fundraising

Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda and NDP Critic Charlie Angus were back sparring over fundraising yesterday during Question Period in the House of Commons.  The exchange – in which Oda tries to make Angus' support the issue – went as follows: Angus: Given the regulatory free ride the broadcasters already […]

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December 1, 2006 Comments are Disabled News

Oda Back on the Hotseat over Fundraising

Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda's fundraising activities were back in the spotlight yesterday in the House of Commons as NDP Heritage critic Charlie Angus expressed concern that Oda's fundraising activities may have played a role in the government's decision to delay the renewal of an important television development fund.  Angus asked whether, in light of funding from the broadcast industry, is the delay "a case of he who pays the piper is calling her tune?"  Oda responded:

Mr. Speaker, the government supports the production industry and our broadcasting industry. We understand the importance of the television fund and the role it plays. The fund is being processed in consideration. We want to ensure that the money will be used and that it provides value for the dollars.

Given that non-answer, Angus then asked Treasury Board President John Baird whether "first, the cheques for last week's cancelled fundraiser collected in cash? Second, would he give us a list of who gave those cheques so we can at least know who is helping to write the broadcast and copyright policy in our country?"

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November 24, 2006 2 comments News

The Daily Oda Question

Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda was questioned yet again today on her past fundraising practices.  NDP Heritage critic Charlie Angus asks: Mr. Speaker, the heritage minister's predilection for hitting up for cash the key industries she is charged with overseeing is not a new phenomenon. I would like to bring […]

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November 10, 2006 2 comments News