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How Did Copyright Become Cool?

The Globe and Mail's Ivor Tossell provides the answer.

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December 14, 2007 Comments are Disabled Stop CDMCA

Globe Then Says Fear the Pirates

This morning the Globe and Mail has published a story on its front page on the first arrest under the new anti-camcording provision.  The same arrest (arrest, not conviction) that was reported and blogged about two weeks ago. Update: Appropriation Art files a complaint over similar coverage at CTV, while […]

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November 28, 2007 2 comments Must Reads

Globe Says “Don’t Fear the Pirates”

The Globe and Mail on why the music industry may "claim that downloads are destroying the business, every indication is that they're wrong."

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November 27, 2007 Comments are Disabled Must Reads

The Globe on Camcording

Others have noted the Globe and Mail's one-sided coverage of the camcording story, however, there is one paragraph in today's story that requires an additional comment.  In its front page story, the Globe reports: Canada – particularly Montreal – is known as one of the world's worst offenders for piracy, […]

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May 9, 2007 8 comments News

Inside Jobs

Rob Hyndman points to today's embarrassing Globe and Mail article on movie piracy ("Pirates of the Canadians"), noting that the article smacks of a planted public relations piece.  I certainly agree that the article continues a build-up toward new copyright legislation.  I have two further points.  First, I'd have no […]

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January 13, 2007 16 comments News