Globe Then Says Fear the Pirates

This morning the Globe and Mail has published a story on its front page on the first arrest under the new anti-camcording provision.  The same arrest (arrest, not conviction) that was reported and blogged about two weeks ago.

Update: Appropriation Art files a complaint over similar coverage at CTV, while the Montreal Gazette reports that the owner of Cinema Guzzo now hopes that the single arrest will end unauthorized camcording in the city. 



  1. Infringement
    It’s getting harder and harder not to infringe copyright.

    An interesting article on the subject:
    [ link ]

    I wonder what it looks like under Canadian legislation…

  2. Not surprised
    Don’t know why he would be surprised that the G&M would post a sensational headline like that. They seem to have been doing it for some time. For instance, the Brar family murders-suicide in Ottawa. It was reported on the 23rd in the Ottawa Citizen that they were shot, but only yesterday, the headline ran “Gun used in Ottawa Murder-Suicides”.