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Private Email Not Always Hush Hush

Appeared in the Toronto Star on November 26, 2007 as Private Email Is Not Always Hush Hush Appeared in the Tyee on November 27, 2007 as Private E-mail Not Hush Hush This past September, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency launched "Operation Raw Deal", an initiative that targeted people purchasing raw […]

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The Sky is Falling

The Sun Media papers begin a four day series on the music industry with comments from an insider that "CRIA always says the sky is falling. That's their role."  The article notes that HMV Canada has seen CD sales increase by 15 percent over the past four years and that […]

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November 26, 2007 22 comments News

Israel Amends Copyright Law

As Canada awaits a new copyright bill that is expected within the next couple of weeks, Israel just passed its own copyright reform package.  It neatly avoids anti-circumvention legislation, but inclueds new rights for backup copies, interoperability, consumer rights with photographers, and drops crown copyright.

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November 26, 2007 3 comments News

Locked Out

The Toronto Star on why Canadians are locked out of new devices and streaming programming.  The article makes it clear it isn't copyright law, but rather licensing issues and market costs that are primarily to blame.

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November 26, 2007 4 comments News