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Canadian Digital Music Sales Growth Beats The U.S. For the 4th Straight Year

Nielsen Soundscan has just released the Canadian music sales figures for 2009.  Notwithstanding the regular claims that the Canadian digital music market cannot develop without copyright reform, the Canadian market grew faster than the U.S. market for the fourth consecutive year.  As the chart below demonstrates, digital music sales have grown faster in Canada than in the U.S. in every year since 2006:

Year Canada United States
2009 38% 8%
2008 58% 27%
2007 73% 45%
2006 122% 65%

While this does not suggest that the market is thriving – a down economy with more competition for the entertainment dollar it is a tough market – it does confirm yet again that attempts to link copyright reform to the development of a Canadian digital market are not borne out by the facts.  Indeed, Canada has consistently grown faster than the United States (from an admittedly lower starting point given that digital music stores arrived later in Canada). 

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February 4, 2010 9 comments News

IFPI Links Canada – EU Free Trade Negotiations With Copyright Reform

On the day that Canada and the European Union officially announced talks to strike a comprehensive free trade agreement, the IFPI, the international arm of the RIAA and CRIA, used the opportunity to pressure Canada to engage in copyright reform.  In fact, in short commentary in European Voice, IFPI Executive […]

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May 7, 2009 3 comments News

IFPI Continues the March Against ISPs

The IFPI is out today with its annual digital music sales report.  Canada ranked as the seventh largest digital music market in the world last year.  The IFPI's focus, however, is on ISPs and the push for content blocking, a trend that has begun to emerge in Canada.

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January 24, 2008 3 comments Must Reads

CRIA’s “Anti-Piracy” Spending

The Copyright Board of Canada is currently conducting the Tariff 22 hearings with "the Coalition" (which includes CRIA and Apple) scheduled to appear next week.  Public access to the parties' submissions typically excludes most financial information, however, the witness statement from CRIA President Graham Henderson contains an interesting piece of […]

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April 24, 2007 Comments are Disabled News

DRM is Dead

So says an IFPI board member (hat tip – Boing Boing).

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November 24, 2006 Comments are Disabled Must Reads