IFPI Continues the March Against ISPs

The IFPI is out today with its annual digital music sales report.  Canada ranked as the seventh largest digital music market in the world last year.  The IFPI's focus, however, is on ISPs and the push for content blocking, a trend that has begun to emerge in Canada.


  1. Scott Allison says:

    With all the mistakes and errors of the MPAA can we trust what anyone says other than if they accepted a 5$ a month account levy they certainly would not be losing money.

    Even these stats i have found showing all these p2p and so called downloading activity can we trust it.

    The CBC today aired a piece about all the and i’ll quote it, “illegal downloading is the cause”. Maybe its the following factors:
    Crap CRAP CRAP.
    It is far easier to turn on my PC and download then spend
    money to travel to a store or wait for the order to come.

    Note for greeners, going to a store entails getting in a car or on a gas guzzling bus, having a store that consumes electricity and paying peoples wages to stand around like dummies.

    And note one of there stats had earlier claimed that ( before the errored student correction )
    6 billion a year to piracy, well USA, adopt the 5$ a month net account and instead a lose you will gain, add to that you get the other countries revenue as a bonus.

    It isn’t about money its about control.
    If they tried this business model with cars or your home or property there would be a revolution…oh wait magna carta comes to mind….boston tea party…etc.

  2. adlib to above says:

    the insanity continues
    also i would add that if they decide to push ISPs look out isp as your about to lose a tone a cash….
    id say if you killed p2p at the isp level, all those highspeed accounts would dry up pretty fast.

    imagine 10 million times 50-75$ going elsewhere. AND it wont be to buying anything, nope it will goto a black market real piracy, so go nuts.
    I already can’t afford things so if they go do that, ill just grab what i can and enjoy what i have. then instead of a net levy and profiting form my activity they will lose.

  3. The Fools
    Don’t they realise that this will just push back the music industry even further. I mean from what small amount of profit they will gain they will lose millions of LISTENERS which is really what count.

    Get ready for corporate take over of the music world, as once the access to less-mainstream bands is cut off by this so called justice it’s only a matter of time till the major labels bleed crap into the children’s ears.

    What a terrible shame. There goes the live music scene, there goes local music, there goes independent labels, and there goes thoughtful music.