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Stingray Launches Canadian Music Service

Stingray today launches a new online Canadian music service having addressed the major issue keeping services out of the country – the high cost of licensing. CRIA (Music Canada)’s Graham Henderson admits that high costs have been cited as one of the principal reasons services such as Pandora have stayed […]

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August 16, 2011 2 comments News

Copyright Board Rules Music Previews Constitute Fair Dealing

The Copyright Board of Canada has just issued the first part of its decision in the long-running (since 1996) Tariff 22 case.  The Board is prepared to establish a tariff for the communication of musical works over the Internet and  while much of the decision is devoted to economic analysis, several key legal questions are addressed.  Of greatest interest is its conclusion that offering music previews (ie. a portion of a song) constitutes fair dealing under Canadian copyright law as it can be characterized as copying for the purpose of research.  This decision – which is right in my view – highlights the very broad nature of fair dealing following the Supreme Court of Canada's CCH decision. 

The Board rightly notes that listening to an excerpt of a work is consumer research into whether they might like to purchase the song, concluding that:

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October 18, 2007 9 comments News