CETA Update: EU Continues To Press on IP

The Department of Foreign Affairs held a call today with various groups to provide an update on the Canada – European Union Comprehensive Trade Agreement negotiations.  The department indicated that there has been progress on virtually all issues and the broad shape of the deal is being outlined.

On intellectual property, the EU is still reflecting on Bill C-32. The department indicated that they have not identified any specific concerns but are weighing whether there are any provisions worth fighting over as part of the broader negotiations.  They are concerned with some copyright issues not included in the bill, notably broadcasting and resale rights. Interestingly, copyright term extension was apparently not identified as a concern. There was very little progress on the other IP issues – some clarification on IP enforcement on EU demands, but no progress on the text; no progress on patents with some significant divergence on these issues, and no progress on geographical indications.  There is Canadian concern that the EU demands on GIs may conflict with trademarks, common names, and have negative economic implications.  The department indicated that the GI issue in CETA was separate from the issue in ACTA.


    Why does th EU, US, CETA, ACTA, WTO, or any other world trading body get to have a “say” or “ponder” over a Canadian bill. This is CANADA people!!! Oh yes, we have a bunch of little whipping boys ruining, oh wait, wait, wait, I meant to say running, the counttry right now…though ruining might be a better word…

  2. …also…
    Do we get to review/ponder US or EU bills before they get passed in to law? I think not!!!

  3. Hey EU
    I didn’t like how the EU penalized Sweden after the massive economy collapse a while back and forced basically into economic slavery for more years by raising the retirement age(wow you can do that) and forcing them to pay these debts that goldman sachs hide before they converted their currency. Nore do i wanna see the same system forced on us in the future forcing our money to be as worthless as the Americans(the Amero) so that our finical success is so strongly tied into and controlled by another nation.

    So how about us Canadians start telling them how their laws on wrong and their governments who don’t even have the support of the majority of the people on these issues and are supposed to represent them can get away with draconian law making by the elite where the people have no say over the future of their nation but are instead controlled by corporations cause that there is Fascism and supporting such Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement over the security of the people and sovereignty of our nation is borderline treason in my eyes…

  4. Big fish eat little fish
    Hungary find themselves difficult to export their agriculture goods to the EU after joining the EU. These negotiation rules don’t just apply to Canada alone.

    Is Canada insignificant that we have to obey these ludicrous demands, or Canada isn’t playing the same games with poorer countries in South America, for an example. As usual, the winners are the megacorps, which then pay “tribute” to the politicians to maintain their elite status, and the cycle repeats itself over and over worldwide.