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Balanced Copyright for Canada Board and Funding Revealed

After several weeks of delays, the Balanced Copyright for Canada site revealed its funding and advisory board late on Tuesday night, hours before the Canada Day holiday.  The primary source of funding is not a surprise – as I suggested in my first post on the site – this is a Canadian Recording Industry Association production.  As the public questions about the site mounted, the regular response was that this was an effort of "employees, unions, artists and creators" and that the all-Canadian Advisory Board would be announced soon.  The fact that the site was really a CRIA attempt to create "grassroots" support for C-32 was not acknowledged.

The composition of the advisory board is interesting.  First, of the 13 members, more than half are either record company executives, former record company executives, or lawyers who represent record companies.  No surprise given the site's backing, but not exactly the promised "employees, unions, artists and creators."  In fact, it is notable that there are very few prominent creators and not many representatives from creator groups outside the music industry such as authors, performers, directors, or artists.  In fact, despite an earlier claim that Loreena McKennitt would be on the advisory board, those plans apparently changed.

Why so few creators?  Quite simply, CRIA's interests are not closely aligned with many other creator groups.  ACTRA and AFM Canada quickly distanced themselves from the effort and most other musicians have been focused on the private copying levy, not digital locks.  Moreover, the site briefly hosted a "consumer letter" that fully supported extending fair dealing to education, a move strongly opposed by some copyright collectives and authors' groups.

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BC FIPA Op-Ed: Is Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore An Agent of Foreign Influence?

Vincent Gogolek of the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association has a funny but effective op-ed in the Vancouver Sun that recounts recent copyright developments and asks whether James Moore is an agent of foreign influence.

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ACTA Round of Talks Concludes: Next Meeting in U.S.

The ninth round of ACTA talks concluded yesterday in Lucerne, Switzerland.  The usual statement followed the talks with confirmation that talks focused on the main IP enforcement issues.  The statement denied that ACTA will have an impact on medicines shipments and personal border searches.  The next round of talks will […]

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IP Watch on NGO Meeting on ACTA

IP Watch reports on the NGO meeting on ACTA held in Geneva, Switzerland earlier this week.  My talks at the event should be posted shortly.

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Dutch Public Broadcaster Launches Ambitious BitTorrent Trial

The Dutch public broadcaster NPO has launched an ambitious trial project that will involve making all of its recent video broadcasts available via BitTorrent downloads and streams.

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