New Look, New Functionality

As will be obvious to anyone visiting the site (and not so obvious to anyone reading this in an RSS reader), has undergone a significant makeover.   In addition to the need for a refresh, there were two primary reasons for the change.  First, I wanted to make it easier to people to access my various articles and postings.  As the site has grown, it has become more difficult for visitors to find related articles and other content on point.  The new site should make this much easier with auto-generated suggestions of related content, topic pages, and greater ease of use.  The site also contains a much wider array of RSS feed choices that will hopefully eliminate some RSS problems some users were experiencing.  Second, I wanted to provide better feedback mechanisms.  The site finally offers the chance for visitors to comment on articles and posting.  I encourage readers to take a look around and to provide me with any further suggestions or comments as we iron out the inevitable bugs that occurred during the site migration.


  1. with the proliferation of media disscussions on topic’s it’s goos the get the real scoop!
    2 thumbs up MG!

  2. Nice look
    I really like the new look. Would it be possible to have the linked articles have the related dates appear though? It’s hard to tell if something is recent or not.

    Thx for keeping up this site and giving many of us a simple, single point for keeping up to date on the legality of file-sharing.

    I have to say I’m surprised at the fact that downloading TV shows which are freely available on the airwaves doesn’t seem legal. Sometimes laws and common sense don’t seem to mesh.

  3. function and form
    funtion and form. easier to read and locate with a nice updated look. stay the course Mr. Geist, stay the course!

  4. Thanks
    Great Job Michael, I can only hope this is a good sign of things to come. With the growing popularity of your site, perhaps more Canadians will take interest in the ongoings of our country.


  5. Looks much better. What program or CMS are you using?