The Perfect Photo-Op

Canadian media coverage of the introduction of Bill C-60 is relatively light this morning, likely reflecting the late afternoon introduction of the bill and the difficulty of obtaining something other than the government's press release on the matter.

Both the National Post and the Ottawa Citizen have reg. required coverage, but the most comprehensive article comes from Jack Kapica of the Globe and Mail.

Those interested in the bill could have saved themselves a lot of time by watching the CBC's coverage of the story last night. While I made it into the piece, more noteworthy was Graham Henderson of CRIA delight at the bill's introduction contrasted with an actual artist, the Barenaked Ladies' Steven Page, who expressed doubt as to whether the bill would actual benefit artists rather than just multinational corporations.

Most telling, however, was the appearance of Canadian Heritage Minister Liza Frulla. The Minister picked her photo-op to discuss the bill. She didn't pick a library or a school or a university lab or the National Arts Centre or any other place that would tie copyright to the concerns of Canadians. No, she did her interview from an HMV, the foreign-owned record store. That is the proverbial picture telling a thousand words about Bill C-60.

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