Do-Not-Call Bill Passes With Newspaper Exception

The House of Commons yesterday passed Bill C-37, the legislation which creates the do-not-call list.  The bill as passed includes the long list of exceptions (polling companies, political parties, charities, prior business relationships) that I've focused on in recent weeks.  Moreover, all parties agreed to a further exception – newspapers are now excluded from the scope of the do-not-call list.  Disappointing but not unexpected as the Conservatives and the Bloc pushed hard for the exceptions while doing their best to raise dubious parallels between the do-not-call registry and the gun registry.

The bill now heads to the Senate.  No word yet on whether there will be public hearings that this time allow consumer groups to actually appear on a bill ostensibly designed to protect consumers.


  1. Project Officer-Adaptive Computer Techno
    This will make it much more simple.
    Now, when entities covered by the exceptions call, I can simply advise them of the following:
    “I understand that you are covered by the execptions in the do not call list. Thank you for making my choices easier. Since I cannot preclude you from calling me, you have just been added to my list of polling companies, political parties, charities, businesses that I will not support. Thanks for calling” (click)

  2. says:

    Why is the CRTC now examining the Do-Not-Call fiasco when C-37 was passed?