IFPI Reports Canadian Music Sales Up in 2005

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the global recording industry association, has just released its mid-term report for 2005.  In addition to the continuing success of the fee-based music download services, the report indicates that Canadian sales are up in 2005.  While the increase is not enormous at just under one percent, Canada is doing better than the global music market including countries such as the United States, Japan, and Australia, the countries that CRIA often argues Canada should emulate on copyright reform.  Moreover, IFPI notes that while our sales are up, the value of those sales has declined.  The reason?  Retail pricing pressures and discounts, one of the key issues I raised when I challenged the industry's claims that peer-to-peer is at the heart of its claims of economic woe.


  1. i have bought some digital downloads but few. i prefer “renting” when i am tired of the songs i “own” i can’t trade em in for fresh material unless i pony up more money which i don’t have a lot of

  2. Edgar Eddlebert says:

    How does one actually get the free PDF o
    How does one actually get the free PDF of “In the Public Interest”? I can find no link to it anywhere on,, or

  3. Ah! Thanks for clearing up the spin.

    (btw Edgar Eddlebert–the pieces of the free PDF version are downloadable by clicking the headings of the Table of Contents. Confused me too at first).