EFF and CIPPIC Launch Online Rights Canada

There is exciting news today for those concerned with a public interest perspective on a range of online issues.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic have jointly announced the creation of Online Rights Canada, a new grassroots organization focused on technology and information policy issues. ORC is initially focused on Internet surveillance and copyright reform, but it is clear that there is potential for much more. 

Canada has long needed more voices representing the public interest on technology law issues.  I think CIPPIC was a great step forward in that regard and the creation of ORC will only enhance efforts to ensure that the Canadian policy process includes all stakeholders.  Give ORC a quick visit, sign their lawful access petition, and get involved!

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  1. Gambling Technology Company Scandal
    For those who have been following: I have posted two articles-stories-complaints on the indymedias recently about my experiences with the supposed anti-money laundering corporation, or ‘AML’ ,Mantas Inc., recently, whose links you will find at the bottom of this post.They, like their founders SRA International, are conveniently located in the Beltway to be near their clients at Big Brother Inc., no doubt. Immediately below is a promotion from the SRA International website itself bragging about ‘picking’ the probably criminal and certainly corrupt brain of an NSA ‘bigwig’. SRA International and Mantas Inc.brag about detecting the ‘bad guys’ through use of ‘behavior’ software.

    And yet who is watching their behaviors ? Rumor is that Barry Landrew, Landew, CEO of SRA International that has obtained monopolistic contracts with various government agencies,(including our fraud watchers at the GAO!!),probably due to the fact of the CIA’s In-Q-Tel investments in SRA International,is himself addicted to gambling like that Republican pillar of ‘virtues’, Bill Bennett.(Do google search ,’sra international Barry Landew gambling’)