CMCC Comes to Ottawa

The Canadian Press is reporting that several musicians from the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, including Steven Page, Andrew Cash, and Brendan Canning, are in Ottawa today meeting with senior government officials.  The report says the musicians met with Industry Minister Maxime Bernier and Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda and were also to meet with NDP Heritage Critic Charlie Angus, Bloc Quebecois Heritage Critic Maka Kotto and Liberal Heritage Critic Mauril Belanger.

Update: The NDP has come out with a strong statement supporting the positions of the CMCC, arguing that the coalition is giving politicians a "badly needed wake up call."

Update II: Lots of media coverage of the CMCC visit including CTV, Global, Hollywood Reporter, and the Ottawa Citizen.  Most revealing is an MP3 recording of a CMCC meeting with the Ottawa Citizen editorial board.

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  1. Jeff Hunt says:

    Ottawa Citizen Article
    From the Ottawa Citizen article “Digital deterrents drive fans away, musicians’ group tells politicians” from May 09th, regarding the CMCC meetings in Ottawa:

    “A report commissioned for Canadian Heritage shows music sales decreased nearly 35 per cent between 1999 and 2004.”

    That is the last line in the article, and really seems like a zinger meant to discredit the POV of the Paige and the CMCC. They don’t even bother to site the name of the study.

    Have you heared of this study, and have any idea where they get these numbers from? I haven’t heared this 35% number before.