Emily of the State

Given that I’ve been writing recently about the impact of Internet-based video and the dangers of lawful access, this video from Cynically Tested is a must-see.


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  2. seems at least one bell employee is all ticked off at it.,16536997~mode=flat

    Also appears one of the creators of the parody had a few comments to make in that forum as well hahaha

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  3. Funny Movie
    Very funny clip.

    Lawful Access, what we probably don’t want to believe.

    OK sure it’s a good thing to catch sex deviants, terrorists and hackers. At what cost? I believe Stephen Harper is taking a page out of the US Republican play book. When you want to stay popular, keep terrorizing your citizens. Law Enforcement Agencies claim they must have this access to keep us safe. I will acknowledge that yes there are bad people out there, but we already had several great legal ways in which to catch them.

    I cannot subscribe to what I consider to be a government terror philosophy to further their agenda of staying in power by the power of fear. The Conservatives have already started justification with terror bust in TO this year. You see its working. Be frightened people; give up your freedoms so the government can stay in power. Every bust involving lawful access will be politicized. Some one should pass a law against that.

    Lawful access confirms my fears that government already knows your net habits. Their just waiting for you to cross the line and by passing a “lawful access” bill we have handed them an unwarranted ability to do so.

    Are you a single male between ages 12 to 75? Ever visit questionable websites? Ever have dissenting government ideas? Ever make a mistake? Well wait and see what happens now. Sex morality, religious/political and technical curiosities have always been grey areas. We should never leave it up to the police to interpret the law in these areas and act on it with out due process.

    I guess they already know though if you are breaking the law, so who needs due process. How would they know? My guess is that all internet traffic is already monitored and cataloged by the federal government. I know its being done in the US. God only knows what our version of the KGB already knows about you. There must be a “grey” file containing many names. I’m certain any information is passed to local law enforcement when they feel it’s necessary. How else would they know to start monitoring you without a warrant? They in turn can make a bust and look like heroes, thus furthering the Conservative political agenda. Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    Wouldn’t it be far easier to make the government earn their money by asking them to identify precisely what kicks off an unwarranted invasion of a citizen’s privacy? I don’t believe the current literature is explicit enough in this regard. If there are web sites we shouldn’t be visiting, identify them and or block them. If there are news groups they don’t want us reading, identify them and or block them. If there are limits to the dissent government will tolerate, explicitly state it. The case that they can’t keep up with it is laughable considering the cost to ISP’s to implement a lawful access policy. You know blocking technology already exists. It would be far easier and cheaper for society to do than this lawful access BS. There would be fewer convictions, less prisoners, less police and a safer net. Wouldn’t you rather have a debate over censorship?

    If ignorance of the law is no excuse, then stop don’t putting citizens in a position to interpret what is the fine line between legal and illegal. Then have the police tell us when we’re wrong, because we will almost always certainly get it wrong.

    Welcome to the former Soviet Union! Stalin would be proud.