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Google Offers Free Journal Digitization

Peter Suber reports that Google is offering publishers free digitization of their journal back issues. While there are some strings unsurprisingly attached, it appears to be an ideal method for journals to digitize and make available years of content currently confined to paper versions.

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Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

Time Magazine has named "you" – the rise of citizen journalism, blogging, and user-generated content – as its person of the year.  I'm not sure about the person part, but it certainly was among the most noteworthy developments.  As I was preparing my A to Z year-end piece (out tomorrow), […]

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December 17, 2006 2 comments News

NZ Copyright Reform

Kim Weatherall has an insightful post on New Zealand's copyight reform package.  The TPM provisions are particularly noteworthy as they link anti-circumvention with copyright infringement and in the process rebut claims by CRIA and others that Bill C-60 stood alone in its approach.

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