Bell In the Spotlight Throughout the Weekend

Bell was in the spotlight throughout the weekend, with much online discussion about the comments made by a Bell spokesperson, a leaked Bell document indicating that the company is moving toward bit caps with unlimited additional costs, and postings on the impact of Bell's throttling.


  1. Michael, please don’t overlook Bell’s 2007 annual report, which specifically addresses Bell’s concern that customers might jump ship to rival ISPs due to Bell’s “traffic management” and planned rate changes: [ link ]

    Bell clearly saw the dangers in implementing odorous traffic-shaping and was concerned that they would lose competitors to their rivals. Unilaterally clamping down on third-party wholesalers is a great way for Bell to significantly diminish that threat.

  2. Nothing new
    Are you saying there is a conspiracey to harm the wholesalers [GASP]

    Are you suggesting collusion between the network providers? [EGADS]

    Are you suggesting the CRTC alreay knew and does absolutely nothing in the past, present and future? [ACK]

    Are you suggestion Industry Canada can’t see past its own nose and let this happen and continue to let Bell destroy the little tiny bit of competition? [DOH]

  3. Teachers Union (pension buyout says:

    Teachers Union (pension buyout of BSE)
    Teachers Union (pension buyout of BSE)
    we need to step up pressure for that pension fund to NOT BUY BSE.
    A) BSE is bleeding internet customers so fast that they implimented measures that the new buyer may be buying a class action lawsuit or other simular legal issues.
    B) We need to know why teachers whom are supposed to be the ark of wisdom and compassion in canada are buying into a very hated despised and downright hostile company.
    C) we need to know why they would invest in a company that clearly has management problems and lack of innovation.
    D) we need an assuranc ethat the teachers pension fund that would be the majority holder would not only reverse
    the situatio nof traffic shaping but use there invested funds to grow the BCE network and thus not have ANY issues like this in the future.
    I find it completly sickening that as more traffic shaping occurs they offer higher speed accounts and completely ignore deals they had with us that had contracts for 5 megabit internet.
    theres no sense giving me a race car if i can only drive it at 5 miles an hour, in fact any car.

    yes here ill rent you a car on the 400 highway( toll highway) so you pay to get on the highway and you can only drive 2miles an hour thats the equivilent.
    Yes that right its actually cheaper fo rme to pool up with one friend to get the net
    and just take a bus now and share via external USB hard drives…..
    yup theres your solution people
    5 people pay 25$ a month and gt one guy to get the maxed out and go crazy, then those 5 just go over and get what they wish.
    a 5$ bus ride makes that 30$ ,
    cheaper then i pay now
    and to that guy from \”The Hour\”
    soon start looking for mixed cdrs of music to start appearing in large numbers as i personally each month and now guaranteeing at least 10-15 music cds of differing genres.
    i have 500GB of music
    so world i give you enjoyment even if BSE won\’t allow you to enjoy your entertainment equipment