Saving Canada’s Internet

With only three days left before public comments close on the CRTC's net neutrality hearing (more info on how you can comment here), is out with a video on why net neutrality is such an important issue.


  1. Do Not Let The CRTC Gain the Right to Regulate Anything On the Internet!
    Do Not Let The CRTC Gain the Right to Regulate Anything On the Internet!

    It can only lead to loss of choices and higher fees for the consumer!

    This proposal by the CRTC to regulate content ( How in God’s name they would be able to do that I can’t imagine – however if they are proposiong this they must have some insight of how to do this with some sort of software they are not telling us about or something! )
    Is simply a device for them to get into the system and block communication between Canadians and folks in other countries around the world so that the government can control what we are allowed and not allowed to hear and tell!
    I value my freedom and will battle away to my last straw to keep it! How about you?
    Email, telephone or write or do all three – to your Member of Parliament in your area!
    We can’t allow these guys to tkeep taking liberties away from us!

  2. Canuck Business says:

    you nor i make a differance , when the econ collapses …..then hell hath no ….
    YA we believe every one of you, how about fook americans day

  3. Dwight Williams says:

    …I’ve sent my Note of Concern. I’m sure that I’m not alone in this.

    Here’s hoping for the best.