Library and Archives Canada Kicks Out Encyclopedia of Music in Canada

In a story where there must surely be more to the story, the Globe reports that Library and Archives Canada has expelled researchers and editors for the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada over security concerns.  EMC, which is freely available online, has been documenting Canada's musical history and has enjoyed open access to LAC collections for years.


  1. Sign of the times
    It’s very obvious that the conservative (and Conservative) folks that have run amock want to destroy art/music/culture in this country.

  2. Natasha Fatale says:

    cartoon character
    Anne Murray (A), Bryan Adams (B), Celine Dion (C)… Good god, man! If that doesn’t constitute a security risk, nothing does. (Granted, The Arrogant Worms, Bare Naked Ladies, and Crash Test Dummies, but their greatness hardly matches the evil that the aforementioned have wrought upon the world!)

  3. L & A…so not surprised…
    Read that article fm the Toronto Sun….
    Library & Archives dont even know what is going on with the Information.
    What about those librarians at L&A ? Again, librarians dont know what is going on…
    Just like they missed the train with our educational & public libraries.
    Information Management is my trade, I know…I’m stuck working for these librarians.