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Felten’s Three-Strikes Proposal

Princeton professor Ed Felten has a must-read post on the three-strikes system that perfectly places the issue into perspective.

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Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians Adopts Copyright Resolutions

The Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians adopted several copyright reform resolutions at its biennial conference earlier this month.  The AEBC was founded in 1992 out of a desire for equality and empowerment of blind people in Canadian society.  The resolutions call for a flexible fair dealing provision and and limits on anti-circumvention provisions.  The full resolutions should be online shortly, but in the meantime, three of the most noteworthy are:

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U.S. and Europe Talking Tougher on Net Neutrality

Officials in the U.S. and Europe are talking tougher on net neutrality.  FTC Chair Jon Leibowitz has said that his Commission may start enforcing net neutrality rules and take action against bad network management practices.  Meanwhile, European Commissioner Viviane Reding has told a conference that net neutrality is essential.

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The Download Decade Continues

The Globe's Download Decade series continues with a lengthy feature on the iPod, ISPs, and record stores.  The package also includes a podcast interview with the RIAA's Cary Sherman, a podcast interview with Rogers Chief Strategy Officer Mike Lee which includes discussion on net neutrality, and a video featuring CRIA's […]

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Ontario Court Says No Expectation Of Privacy in Data On Work Computer

All About Information reports that the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has ruled that a teacher had no expectation of privacy in information stored on his work laptop.

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