The Download Decade Continues

The Globe's Download Decade series continues with a lengthy feature on the iPod, ISPs, and record stores.  The package also includes a podcast interview with the RIAA's Cary Sherman, a podcast interview with Rogers Chief Strategy Officer Mike Lee which includes discussion on net neutrality, and a video featuring CRIA's Graham Henderson, Nettwerk's Terry McBride, Spencer Dustin of Sam the Record Man and several recording artists.

One Comment

  1. I would like to point out that the article in question is far from being fair and unbiased – linking Apple and the iPod to Bittorrent is a bit of a stretch…. not to mention that some issues are misrepresented.

    Bell’s claims have been shown to be false before (see The ISPs have plenty of bandwidth available, and traffic-shaping is one of the most worst measures they could ever take.

    Canada is consistently behind most G20 countries in terms of high-speed internet services, and the bandwidth caps implemented by the oligopolistic companies like Bell and Rogers are shameful in this day and age.

    Kevin Crull is misleading the public – not surprising, considering the staggering amount of complaints racked by his company in front of the CRTC. Oh, and also please note that the idea of throttling Bittorrent and P2P services, far from being widespread in the States, has led to a public outcry before (see and