Amazon Kindle Launches in 100 Countries But Not Canada

Amazon has announced that the Kindle e-book reader is now available in 100 countries, but not Canada. It would be interesting to know the reason why, though my guess is the lack of a deal with a telecom carrier for wireless downloads.

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  1. Of course, Rogers will have everyone pay $6.95 SAF and $0.50 911 fees to use your Kindle.

  2. Why not WiFi
    I don’t know why the kindle doesn’t have integrated WiFi (or even USB) to be able to use your home internet connection to download books. Sure it’s a nice feature to be able to download from anywhere with a cell signal, but I would hardly think it necessary.

  3. Looking at Indigo as well
    Let’s not forget that the gov’t has a history of fearing all foreign interests while simultaneously crying foul at “Buy America”.

    Remember the problems the gov’t gave Amazon over why is such a horrible facsimile to their US counterpart) because our good book monopolist Indigo was crying foul at an American company pushing them off their throne?

    Introducing the Kindle with Whispernet may be against Indigo lobbyists who don’t want Amazon getting any stronger a toe hold in the Canadian market.

    I truly love my country and my countrymen, but I oh so truly despise those running it…

  4. Get a real ebook reader instead
    If you have an ebook reader why does it have to be bundled with a wireless service and a single ebook store?

  5. Oh lets not forget that Rogers wants to charge you $400 for canceling your data plan before the end of your 3 year contract now. With all this red tape Rogers, who would really want a Kindle in Canada.

  6. @Kibbee – The Kindle does have USB connectivity, and you can transfer downloaded books that way, but you still need a US-based Amazon account to do it.

  7. They could easily sell the Kindle in Canada with just USB connection. Even just selling the digital books through would be a boon since there is a kindle app for the iPhone/Touch. Nothing exciting for wireless is going to happen in Canada until we get competition. The incumbents are just set in their ways to change.

  8. Laurel L. Russwurm says:

    Canadians deserve the choice
    Gee, not only do they flout network neutrality by throttling, and plot to kill off the independent ISPs with UBB, the big 3 are now controlling who Canadian citizens can do business with.

    Gee, Canada is looking more and more like the movie “Idiocracy” every day.

  9. Its not like…
    companies have never offered a cutback version of their devices to some markets before. Nokia created a non-WiFi version of their E61 smartphone, called the E62 for use in North America. Why? Because AT&T in the US didn’t want to lose the revenue from VOIP and data. Rogers in Canada picked up that same phone, I suspect for exactly the same reason.

    Cell provider agreements are a problem. Besides simply production issues, why do you think it took so long to bring the iPhone to Canada?

  10. Bah… not suprising
    Well when I’ve heard the news about the Kindle going world wide (in Cnet’s BOL) I’ve told to myself: if this comes in Canada it will probably be sold by Rodgers for 600$ to 800$ with 3 year contract…. well i was wrong, It wont come to Canada…

    PS: I don’t really care about the Kindle… but I’m sure it’s blocked for the same stupid reason that PSN’s video store is blocked… because some lobby cried to the CRTC.

  11. Remember the cold war era?
    When the Yanks got something, the Russian’s had to have it too. If they couldn’t import it, they MADE THEIR OWN!

    I say we lack the will and drive so much to have a Made-In-Canada “Kindle”, we don’t deserve the thing.

    “I’m not Canadian, I was just born and live here” – TV comedian.