News Ups and Downs

Apologies for the downtime of this website over the past few days due to hack and technical problems.  Hopefully the site is back up for good.


  1. It’s kinda funny.
    It’s kinda funny that your site started going up and down as soon as you posted about the new Net Neutrality “rules”.
    Now along with my comment above, I ask a question/observation. Every time Bell signs a “roaming deal” or something like that, with another company…That company gets bought out by Bell. Like Bell & Telus for TV services, Bell will most likely publicly acquire Telus in 2011, and then there was that deal signed with Bell and AT&T USA [I’ve long known that Bell has had it’s eyes on AT&T Worldwide] for mobile roaming in Canada and the US. This is where I am getting to my point. The Source [Bell] Electronics is now selling AT&T branded phones, which to me, signals a buy out verrrrry soon. Just wondering if you were aware of it. Bell has been very busy busying up companies recently [BellAliant (HA! and Bell got kicked out of the Atlantic provinces), British Telecom (Hush hush, not completely done yet), and Barbados Tel] I know I am rambling, but I am trying to get this information out there, as most of the time, when I do, no one believes it…until it’s too late. Thank you for your time 😀

  2. Hacked at time of CRTC ruling!
    I find it very suspicious that the only time you get hacked and shut down is at the very same time as the release of the CRTC ruling. I, as well as many others were waiting for your comments on the issue, bigtime!

  3. Halifax meeting
    You attempted to post something about a meeting in Halifax before your site’s siege. Can you repost that? I couldn’t get at the content of the article and live in the Halifax area 🙂

  4. QP – Clarification
    During the time when your site went down, you “tweeted” regarding MP Angus during QP. Could you elaborate…