U.S. Lobbyist: Copyright Buys Buy American Provision Win

The Globe and Mail and Howard Knopf report on a talk from U.S. trade lobbyist Scotty Greenwood, in which she urged Canadians to enact U.S.-style copyright reforms.  Greenwood argued that progress on that issue would result in movement on the "Buy American" provisions that have cropped up in the United States.


  1. Now the entertainment industry is using Blackmail!
    I call bullshit and blackmail! This whole affair is disgusting.

  2. Wow, and just what will they think of next?

    Its crap like this why I hope we never fall down the US copyright hole.

  3. Ah yes, I was going to say “If you give us money, we won’t pass these laws that let us punch you in the face.” But “Blackmail” or “Extortion” is much more pithy.

    “Nice export market you got there Canada, shame if something were to happen to it. You wanna maybe buy some insurance?”

  4. A nice suggestion.
    We flood her e-mail with the story about recent lawsuit against the music labels, and then kindly ask her to remove her head from her anal cavity.

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