Anti-Spam, Lawful Access To Die With Parliament Prorogation

Reports this morning indicate that the government plans to prorogue Parliament, effectively shutting it down until March. One of the effects of prorogation is that all bills that have not received royal assent die and must be restarted from the beginning when a new Parliament begins.  While the government can try to move bills with broad support quickly back through the process (reinstatement requires approval in the House), the delays are significant.  Only 27 of the 64 Government bills introduced during the current session have received royal assent, leaving 37 bills in need of a restart.  Of those, at least four involve technology law: C-27 (anti-spam, electronic commerce), C-46 (lawful access), C-47 (lawful access), and C-58 (ISP child pornography reporting).  The anti-spam bill was the most advanced, having cleared the House of Commons and slated for review by a Senate Committee early in the new year.


  1. grunt
    please see my comment on new forms of goverance in the yearly

  2. Adam Guerbuez says:

    Thank you Michael for this update
    Excellent news indeed. Thank you. Bye bye c-27

  3. A double-edged sword with only one sharp edge.
    Yeah, the politicians are being lazy but at least it reduces the chances of bad laws being passed to zero. And the with number of bad or useless laws being passed by politicians increasing worldwide I say that this is more welcome than unwelcome news.

    Slack on, parliamentarians, slack on.

  4. > Slack on, parliamentarians, slack on.


    Certainly seems a better alternative than having them do anything lately.

  5. Russell McOrmond says:

    Bill C-6
    Another bill I was watching from the sidelines that didn’t receive royal assent was C-6. There was quite a bit of controversy when it came to search and seizure without adequate judicial oversight, especially when it came to home based businesses. Some pretty strong opinions on this, and seemed related to me to the DRM question (replacement of rule of law with excessive powers being transferred elsewhere — C-6 to inspectors, DRM to information technology hardware manufacturers).


  6. I would have titled this posting
    “Yay, the government made the news! They are finally doing something! Oh wait.”
    yikes, captcha words:
    her entryway

  7. Bad Governence .. but who notices?
    It seems the current government will prorogue parliament if it will get them out of a sticky wicket (stimulus-gate) and now torture-gate. At this rate we will never get a new *improved* copyright bill through. .. silver linings 😉

  8. Hope it will be the fate!
    Until next session of our Parliament starts, all of us must hope nothing sad will happen in regards to the 37 left out bills.
    Important phone numbers,

  9. when they get back from this it means they can reintroduce the sick bills that got scraped to there original form 🙁

  10. Jack Robinson says:

    Harper’s Pressing the Re-Set Button once again bodes ill for Media Democracy
    Thank you again, Mr. Geist, for your tireless and astute concern over our hi-jacked New Rome government’s Neo Condrethal agenda.

    While I hate to admit it, I’m frankly as befuddled and bafflegab-exhausted as most Canadians as to the arcane objectives of digital media ownership, copyright and TeleCom marketing rights legislation currently clogging Parliament… and the trip-wired, sinister implications they may hold for my slippery citizen status in the ever-weirdly Wired World.

    And also why I’m spending much more time with my nose buried in books, glomming newspapers at the local library, assembling a mighty mast antenna and ripping my vinyl and cassette tape collection to soon-to-be contraband CDRWs.

  11. Copy right consultation
    Am I correct that the work of the copy right consultation dies as well? I am not sure who’s authority it was running under. If no findings come out of it then implementing ACTA gets easier.

  12. Lou T/ Former Consertvative supporter says:

    Regretably Mr. Harper is making mockery of parliament, which we, the tax payers support with hard earned money. It seems the G.G. is a total waste of both our money and time – this office should be abolished as soon as possible. The G.G. is but a glorified rubber stamp.

  13. It is nice that there are many bills the Neo Cons were trying to push have been thrown out but they will try again with out the changes that were made to some of the bills

    Captcha that is fitting ” Its abusive “

  14. Good it violates my right to free speech
    I should be able to spam all my conspiracy theories to everyone in Canada. This kind bill is very dangerous and should never be tabled.

    We can filter spam anyways, + you wouldn’t actually stop spammers, you’d just catch a bunch of innocent, albeit crazy, Canadians with an unnecessary law.

  15. Tired of phone spam
    I’d like the loop hole closed on call centers that handles the automated dialing for Charities as well as Banks and other companies. So how do I get to be put on the ‘do not call list’ when the call originates from a Center? The calls have been coming almost daily and today I received 3 of them, all from the same number… in one day! I’m tired of this phone spam!! And about the loop hole for Charities?? I’d hope that no one is actually stupid enough to hand over their card numbers to someone who does the calling! lol ridiculous