KEI on ACTA’s “Other Remedies”

KEI has an excellent post that examines how ACTA Article 2.3 on “Other Remedies” may conflict with the laws of several European countries.

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  1. Hephaestus says:

    Not only the laws of EU countries …
    The bigger problem for ACTA is how many EU laws this conflicts with. Data, consumer rights, privacy, human rights, etc. The only way to make it actually work is to include EU style consumer rights, and data protection in ACTA. The problem is the US will not go for that because it requires clear proof and an order from the court before people can be spied on by ISP’s. No cases on this have made it to the EU courts yet. My guess is either France or Ireland will trigger this with the french 3 strikes or the Irish ISP’s agreements with copyright holders.