Industry Canada on US IP Watch List

An Industry Canada spokesperson on the validity of the USTR Special 301 list:

“Canada does not recognize the validity of the Special 301 process, which relies on industry allegations rather than empirical evidence and analysis.”

Note that the article says I said that Canada did not need to pass anti-circumvention laws in order to comply with the WIPO Internet treaties.  As anyone who had read my stuff knows, that is not my position.  There is no doubt that anti-circumvention rules are needed to comply.  The issue is the degree of flexibility within those provisions, not whether provisions are needed.


  1. Politics is full of spin and outright lies
    They will twist your words to their purpose. Sorry to hear that, Professor.

  2. Russell McOrmond says:

    May I go on record
    I guess I’m one of those suggesting that it is possible to ratify the 1996 WIPO treaties without adding TPM legislation into federal Copyright law. We can instead add TPM protection to appropriate provincial laws (Contract, e-commerce, property).