Ole Calls for ISP Monitoring of Customer Content

Ole, a Canadian music publishing firm, has called on the Canadian government to establish a ISP monitoring system of content viewed by subscribers.  Saying that ISPs should mimic cable/TV, it argues that ISPs could track content and pay rights holders for what is viewed.  The word "privacy" does not appear in the submission.


  1. Vincent Clement says:

    Who pays $150 per month for Cable TV?

  2. Another technology idiot. The only way cable companies can “track” TV viewers is through the pay channels.

    Likewise, the only way ISP’s can “track” content is through unencrypted connections.

    Not gonna happen.

    I have my own unrealistic demands. I want replicators and instantaneous transporters and faster than light engines. I doubt passing laws or “demanding” it will get it for me.

  3. This can be done through data mining outside the ISP’s with no privacy issues. Many music companies I work with already actively data mine the internet to obtain the information Ole is asking for. No need to dip into users privacy here at all here.

  4. @Jason K
    Quite right. But they seem to think the technology exists for the ISP to do this. I quote:

    “Modern technology allows the ISP to identify what content is being used”

    As I said earlier. Technology idiot.

  5. I use a SSL tunnel for all my downloading…
    …so I’ll just sue the ISP’s tail off for “breaking my digital lock” 🙂

  6. Who pays $150 per month for Cable TV?