Lessons in AstroTurf: Balanced Copyright for Canada

VKI Studios, a B.C. based Internet marketing firm, reviews CRIA's Balanced Copyright for Canada site, highlighting the good, the bad, and the ugly.


  1. Excellent analysis. Of course if they implemented all these suggestions, they might not qualify for the astroturf category anymore.

    The thing that stands out about the Balanced Copyright for Canada site, is the definite “top down” management flavour. I’m surprised I don’t see admonishments about transparency to the members.

  2. Thanks Oldguy. Yeah, the group is very top down and doesn’t like to be transparent at all. In researching them I’ve found people ranging from CRIA management to record industry VP’s to the President of Warner music himself involved in discussions without ever admitting who they are.

    I encourage people to show up on their social media profiles (the most dominant is Facebook)and voice their opinions, in order to bring balance to what is essentially a pretty one sided debate.