Angus Files Petition on C-32

NDP MP Charlie Angus has filed a petition in the House of Commons signed by Canadians that expresses concern with Bill C-32’s digital lock provisions.

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  1. It’s a shame
    that NDP is dropping in the poles lately. For the first time I’m considering giving them my vote.

  2. typo
    dropping in the *polls*.


  3. My local MP is NDP and I let him know that my vote was largely influenced by his party’s stand on digital issues.pi

  4. My MP is busy fighting against the long gun registry.

    Nap. 🙂

  5. My MP is busy doing nothing useful for me.

  6. Do we know how many signatures Angus’ petition had or if anyone or any organization of note had signed?

  7. just realized..
    …how ridiculous a certain party’s position is… owning and operating a gun is free game for all… but you need a special license for copying a DVD movie to your iPod…

    Nap. 🙂

  8. @Nap
    No different than copyright infringement carrying a penalty comparable to that of manslaughter. Download a movie…kill a person…I can see the similarities there, can’t you? >:-D

  9. “My MP is busy fighting against the long gun registry.”

    Indeed. Isn’t there more important issues than this? As in, EVERYTHING else?

    Bringing this issue forward at this time really is a disgusting misdirection method. In terms of importance, debating the long gun registry ranks in the negative billions.