B.C. Hotel Management School Students Sued for Posting Newspaper Articles

Students at the Imperial Hotel Management College Inc. have been sued by Righthaven over posting of an article first published in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.  The posting credited the newspaper for the information.


  1. True, but
    according to what I have seen, what Righthaven does is buy up copyright on newspaper content (sort of like patent trolls buy up patents), then sue bloggers, etc, who reference those articles without getting permission from Righthaven (this isn’t Righthaven’s first suit; there are many others that have been filed according to Wired).

    Based on this, even though they credited the newspaper, it sounds like the paper wasn’t the rights holder, so even if you credit the paper, you’ve still not actually credited the rightsholder. I realize this is a fine line, but in this instance they probably were inadvertently in the wrong, at least according to the letter of the law in the US.

  2. Fair Use vs. Copyright Troll

    Clearly Righthaven is ignoring fair use. It’s good to read Righthaven’s case getting thrown out of court:

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