Music Rights Holders Send 25,000 Copyright Notices in France Daily

Billboard reports that French rights holders are sending 25,000 copyright infringement notices daily to HADOPI, the agency responsible for that country’s three-strikes-and-you’re-out system.


  1. It would be interesting
    to find out how many of these notices are for the same person infringing the same work on two days in a row… And given that we are talking about 25,000 per day, how many of them are for non-infringing material with the same name as something that infringes.

  2. I’d bw willing to bet good money that more than half of these are false positives, either as a result of hijacked IP addresses or hacked wireless connections.

  3. Like a blind truck driver …
    I get the feeling the French citizenary is thumbing it’s collective nose at the government on this issue. Go ahead … Just try to litigate 25,000 infringements per day. Legislation, enforcement is bound to fail and only has the opposite effect intended. Someone who understands technology and social dynamics should be in charge of crafting solutions to this problem, best to look outside the government rolls for that, lol.

  4. FYI
    Sarkozy is planning on pushing this policy later this week at an international conference on online freedom of expression in France this week: